TLBR 17 Another Success!


‘Another great day, our prayers to the weather gods were answered’ and over 80 drivers and riders had held the faith and struck out under grey skies for the Turner Locker Barnfield Revival. The skies brightened the rain held off and a splendid selection of automotive exotica and period gems filled the Barnfield Crescent. The guests in period attire sat on the grass and amongst the cars to be treated to the delightful ‘warm time’ harmonies of the wonderful Siren sisters and the fabulous local band the Sundogs while being kept fed and watered by Lemon Jelli & Good Game. As someone said it was like and end of season party for the classic car crowd, a chance to step back in time and converse in the city centre oasis that is Barnfield crescent.

The range of vehicles was enormous, from a 1920 Maharaja’s Rolls Royce to one of only two 4 wheel Bond Bugs. Bugatti’s and Lagonda’s from the 1930’s through to Jaguars from the swinging 60’s. For many the star may have been a 1936 Aston Martin Grand Prix car but everyone had their favourites and amongst them were dozens of British motorbikes.