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Luxury Commercial Office Exeter

Turner Locker Barnfield have had a long involvement with Notaries House which from both a historical and an architectural perspective is an important building near Exeter Cathedral. Its history is fascinating and its surviving architectural features are of a high quality. The property’s story dates back at least to the first decades of the 15th century.

Notaries House stands on the site of what was once part of a group of buildings occupied by members of the Cathedral’s clergy and which were constructed between c1410 to c1430

Now currently in use as luxury commercial office and studio space Sarah Treble talks with Turner Locker Barnfield about her experience running her high quality wedding dress design business from the Georgian building.

TLB: How did you find out about Notaries House Exeter?
ST: “I saw the downstairs suite advertised on the Turner Locker website and was able to choose my suite while the building was being developed.”

TLB: Has being here helped your business
ST: “The location is brilliant, the fact that it is between the Cathedral and Princesshay is perfect for me.

“The actual building is what first drew me to it, I love Georgian buildings and it’s important to me that where I have my business is a building of character. People love it when they come in.”

Initially Sarah relocated her business from London to office space in Topsham -Devon. However it seems like the further move into commercial property so close to both the Cathedral and Princesshay in Exeter has been great for her.
TLB: Does having a good location add value?
ST: “It really does, I think it’s really important to have that feeling of style and luxury.

“I take myself more seriously than I did when I was above the chemist in Topsham and I think other people do too.”

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