Shop Premises Let To Bespoke Tailor For Fore Street Exeter

Exeter retail shop let by Turner Locker


Acting for Commercial property Landlords South West Land Ltd we have let retail shop premises at 141 Fore Street Exeter to  bespoke tailors

Here in their own words is what they seek to provide;

We seek to refine the bespoke tailoring experience. This is achieved by extracting the annoyance of multiple visits on inconvenient dates and unpleasant surprises of ill-fitting suits, but leave in all of the enjoyment of a one-to-one service where what you want is the only thing that matters or in fact happens.

 To make this happen we have combined the skill of a tailoring specialists and skilled craftspeople. Amalgamating the two has allowed Zebel to produce a product which not only suits the discerning, established business man but also the price point preference of the young professionals.